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Helping Kids Around The US During The Pandemic

Through the Youth COVID Response Tutoring Program, we are working to connect enthusiastic high school and college tutors with students who need extra assistance in order to excel in their remote learning environments. Our goal is to supplement the amazing instruction being done by our teachers and at home by parents in order to help students through this difficult time in their education. We are excited to offer these services free of charge and remotely in all subjects in order to further our educations during this trying time.


Contribute As A Guest Writer

The goal of our newsletter is to both inform and entertain people during the pandemic. You can submit works on current events, television show reviews, activities, or anything in between. Email us your submissions by clicking on the button below!

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Buy/Sell Art For Charity

Youth COVID Response is working with local artists (amateur and professional) to sell artwork. A percentage (determined by the artist) of the proceeds will be donated to Thrive Global, an organization that focusses on getting PPE (personal protection equipment) and other necessities to first responders. Additionally, you can buy artwork for Mother’s Day and donate to charity; make your mom happy, and do something good.


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